Terms & Conditions - Thrifty Baby Wardrobe Clearout Service

Thrifty Baby Wardrobe Clearout Service - General Information


    • We accept both summer and winter stock at the moment, 30% summer and 70% winter ratio!
    • *Next consignment intake - make sure you are on our mailing list to receive the exact dates*
    • If you are Auckland based we can arrange a drop off specially for you, select that option from the drop down on the Thrifty Baby Wardrobe Clearout product page. This way you can drop off up to 60 items.
    • We are only accepting baby and kids clothing and accessories from 0 to 10 years. You can always send some photos of shoes to prior to check (Matching mum and daughter sets are accepted)
    • Service is available NZ wide (if rural addresses, please select Pack & Send option)
    • The cost of the packs are total of $10, this is a non-refundable cost, except fro Drop Offs and Send and Pack your own.
    • Please include your phone number at the check out, as I'll be contacting everyone individually to let you know your courier pick up date.

What do we accept?

  • Unfortunately we won’t accept items that are damaged or show signs of wear, such as fading, stains, rips or shrinkage.
  • We typically accept most quality/designer brands/vintage items. Brands like Kmart, Postie, Warehouse are not accepted due to the amount of interest/clothing being sent at this stage. Unfortunately I WON'T be accepting chain store items like Cotton On, H&M, Zara, Teeny Weeny at this stage. Mac & Ellie please send photos prior, for example a linen set for an occasion is fine, t-shirts, long sleeve tops we won't be able to take at this time.
  • Undergarments such as Jamie Kay socks or merino stockings are accepted as long as they are in good/excellent used condition.
  • Any items that don't meet these requirements will not be sold. We will package them up:
    • Option 1 - to be donated to a charity.
    • Option 2  - to be returned to you, you are also able to pick them up if you prefer.
  • We do not accept school uniforms.
  •  Please do not be offended if we refuse certain items of clothing, due to the volume of clothing coming through, we try to select the best quality and the most unique items therefore we are unable to provide individual feedback on why items aren't accepted. 

Example pack (Brands included Nature Baby, Jamie Kay, Vans, Le Edit, Country Road, Mini Hearts Club and more):

What happens next?

Once we receive your items, we will select and price the ones we want to purchase from you then we will get in touch usually within 10-12 working days to discuss payment options. We will send you a link to your collection page where you can keep an eye on what has been sold.

Payment Options 


You get 50% of the sale price, Thrifty Baby Payouts are sent out every Monday. Simple as that. 


Store credit is received in the form of electronic gift voucher. These are emailed directly to you within 2-5 business days.

How do you determine the price of the clothes?

We price this based on the brand and condition your items are in. If you aren't sure - please visit the website to view the current items listed. 

How long are my items listed for?

Items are listed for 6 weeks total. 4 weeks at full price, 2 weeks 30% off. You have the option to do another 1-2 weeks at 50% off, this is arranged via emails.

Can I get an item taken off the website if I change my mind?

You can cancel your consignment at any time. However, a cancellation fee of $1 per item will apply for the items that have already been listed online (regardless of wether they are 'live' yet). This fee covers listing costs. We will deduct this fee from your payout or invoice you separately. You will also be responsible for return shipping costs.

Will my items be discounted?

Yes, after 4 weeks if your items don't sell we will discount it by 30% and listed for another 2 weeks.

What happens if my items don't sell after 6 weeks?

At the end of your 6 weeks listing window you will receive an email reminder from us.

You can choose to have these items returned to you or we will donate and repurpose your items.  


Thrifty Baby will not be held responsible for any loss or damages caused to any clothing or footwear while in transit with a third party company. In the event a parcel is lost or damaged in transit, the seller must take this up directly with the courier company.

How long do I have to organise the bag/box after purchasing a Wardrobe Clearout Pack?

Your bag or box must be ready to go within 1 week of purchasing a Wardrobe Clearout Pack. This is to ensure future restocks of the pack aren't delayed while we await your package.

Our best advice would be to go through all of your items and organise them all prior to purchasing - so they are ready to go ASAP.

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