Thrifty Baby Wardrobe Clearout Service

How it works?

Clearing out your kids wardrobe is truly a never ending job. Thought about selling them online but you are time poor to list them yourself? Yep, we have all been there. Thrifty Baby Wardrobe Clearout Service is a simple, hassle-free way of making money out of your outgrown kids gear. Let us handle all the boring admin stuff. Alright, let's get you started!

1. Order your Thrifty Baby Wardrobe Clearout Pack. You will be sent:

  • 400mm x 440mm bag (Fits around 25 small items) 
  • Instruction card on how to pack
  • A return label 

2. Fill your bag with your outgrown kids gear. Attach your return label and send it back to us, there is an initial non-refundable cost of $12 to cover the return of your unsold /not accepted items. This is a very small investment and it exist to make sure that people don't just order a pack and never send anything back. Once we receive your items, we will select and price the ones we want to take into consignment then we will get in touch usually within 10 working days to discuss payment options. We will send you a link to the Thrifty Baby Consignment Platform where you can keep an eye on what has been sold. 

  • We accept both summer and winter stock at the moment, 30% summer and 70% winter ratio!

Brands We Accept

3. Get paid. 

Order Your Clearout Pack Now 

By ordering a Thrifty Baby Clearout Pack you are agreeing to the T&C's. Please ensure you read them here.

Here is an example bag that I received recently, just to give you an idea:

Brands included Nature Baby, Jamie Kay, Vans, Le Edit, Country Road, Mini Hearts Club and more.